Creative Direction? How can I benefit?

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You have created a lot of marketing already. You've determined a business name, designed a logo, built a website, opened your social media accounts and printed your business cards but it doesn't feel cohesive and you are not getting enough web traffic or converting social interactions into business. Maybe you haven't even done that yet, because the task is so daunting and you don't know where to begin.

That's where Creative Direction comes in. Creative Direction begins with a "Creative Brief". This is a document that you complete with your Creative Director that specifically addresses your mission statement, business goals and the demographic you are speaking to. It defines your color scheme, typeface, keywords, best in class examples and much more. It determines your design, direction and your individual voice and is the meat and potatoes that will be used by your Creative Director to actually direct the strategy, campaign, content and implementation of your marketing program.

Like most business owners, you have your eye on the bottom line and want to make use of your in-house resources and personnel, you are concerned with cost.  The Creative Director can offer their team of professionals to contribute to your program within your set budget, or can train or advise your own people to implement your program when needed. They literally orchestrate the nuts and bolts of putting it together.

You may require copywriting, graphic design, video production, photography, web design, logo and branding for your printed materials and social media, which must meet the requirements of your branding "Style Guide" which is informed by your completed Creative Brief.  This, in turn, informs all the creative professionals as to your specific creative guidelines to make your media and materials cohesive.

The Creative Director sits at the helm and makes sure everyone delivers their portion of the whole to meet the branding that has been determined by your Creative Brief and your Style Guide.  The Creative Director becomes the creative voice for your brand, freeing your time and moving the many parts swiftly and cohesively toward a successfully branded marketing campaign that will be handed off to you for your teams' management when completed.