8 Step Content Posting Guide

We want to have a strong media presence.There isn't enough time in the day to do it all. Our social media posting isn't frequent enough or reflective of our branding. We're not getting conversion and engagement. "What to do?"

Create a Custom Content guide for yourself or your staff to use for inspiration in posting.

Here are 8 easy steps

Create a Grid 4 blocks by 4 blocks on an 8.5 x 11 landscape document. You're going to fill it in as follows:

1. Take a look at the demographic you do business with. Think about their lifestyle and needs. Create 16 Titles which are categories that reflect their specific interests.  

  • Ex. Architecture, Lifestyle, Art, Events, Family/Children, Finances, Tech News, High End Services, Stocks, Interior Design, Cooking etc.

  • OR Trucks, DIY, Affordable Fashion, Health, Wellness, Alternative Health, Fitness.....you get the idea. 

2. Create sub-categories placed under the category. What in this category would be of interest to you and your clients? 

  • Ex. Architecture: Architects, Styles of Architecture, Buildings, Ground breakings, Photos, Historical

  • Lifestyle: Local Festivals, New Restaurants, Parks, Fitness etc.

3.  List the resources. Under the sub categories, list the resources where you will find the info. 

  • Ex. Architecture:  AIA American Institute of Architecture, Architectural Digest, SFGate, Flipboard, NYTimes etc.

  • Lifestyle: Local Websites, Magazine site, Dining Guide or Review site, Local Government or Parks site etc. 

Now What?

4.  Your Content Grid is complete. Choose 1 of your 16 categories. Choose its' sub category, visit the chosen site for that subject and read an interesting article or two.  Do a search on the subject to learn more...

5.  Write a synopsis of what you've read of no more than 3 to 4 paragraphs. Open and close with a line that appeals to your clientele, or a personal opinion. Check for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

  • Ex. If it comes directly from a website, include a hyperlink to that site.

6.  Include pictures or video. iphone pics are fine. Tip: Take pictures relevant to your business when you're out to use later.  Or stage pics in your home or office. Use features like, crop, color, filter to jazz them up.

  • Ex. If you use an internet pic, make sure to link the pic to the URL it came from and make sure it has no copyright.

7. Rotate your posts by choosing and SCHEDULING the Categories to keep track of not repeating any one category too often. 

  • Ex.  Lifestyle is for the weekend, or Real Estate News is for the morning, Interior Design for the evening, High End Services at lunch time etc.

8.  Most IMPORTANTLY! Tag each post and picture with Tags relevant to the post (keywords), and always add your "Forever Tags" identifying you and your business and/or location.  If you are able to categorize the post, do that too, to build up your blog roll. Show your blog roll category index on the side of your blog page, so visitors can click through to other posts of interest.

You're now a content genius!

To make visiting your sub-category websites to search for content easier, take one more step and  make a live link list or organize your bookmarks by category, with your chosen resource websites. 

To raise organic SEO, make your posts, pics and video to your blog on your website; and share to social media from there. That's for another post.

My  branding clients receive a 'Customized Content Grid by Category' as part of a Digital Media Package which helps them set-up systems and procedures around their branding to make blogging and social media more user friendly and effective for themselves or a team member.  

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